President & CEO at Top Global Financial Group

Former Stockbroker & Financial Specialist - Multiple Firms Wall Street 

Former Co-Founder at Youth Peace Builders ASC & Unicef

Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming - kona University & Empowerment Partnership

Financial Engineer - UNAB, Colombia

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Oscar Paez is an entrepreneur, Financial Engineer, Development Coach, Business Strategist and one of the TOP Hispanic Leaders in several companies and projects in the USA and Latin America.


Over 15 years of experience in the Financial Arena  Mr. Paez utilizes this firm-specific knowledge and experience in his role as CEO to, among other things, lead the firm and its people, help protect and enhance our culture and articulate a vision of the firm’s strategy to empower his clients to achieve their dreams. 


Through his work has touched thousands of lives of top Business Owners, Doctors, Artists, and Hispanic families from High Net Worth  to the less privilege ones. Young Entrepreneurs seek his advice as well and he helps Coaching several young adults through TGF Business School. 


Oscar lives in Houston, TX, with his lovely wife and business Partner Maria Carolina and his 3 adorable kids Santy, Dani & Sophie.

Love what you do, believe in yourself, become a Master of your work, live a joyfull and abundant life

Oscar Paez - CEO TGF Group