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5 Retail & Very Useful discounts for Seniors

Reaching 65+ is a great motive to celebrare, and it is even better when you can get incredible discounts in things that you need at a good discount. Here are some:

  1. Buy clothes at Banana Republic and get 10% off.

  2. Get 15% off at Kohl’s.

  3. Shop at Michaels and get 10% off regular price and sale items.

  4. Get 10% off at Ross stores every Tuesday.

  5. Sign up for a cell phone plan through Verizon’s Nationwide 65 Plus Plan for only $29.99/mo.

If you are about to turn 65 and want to find out more benefits for seniors give us a call to 832.644.6285.

Discounts change from time to time, so always be sure to ask if a store offers a senior discount. *Offers may vary depending on your location. Check locally to verify.

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