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1. Know your boundaries, be kind and consider with yourself first

This is maybe the most helpful tip I've read about the past years. You know we're supposed to be kind with everyone and project love for each other. That's true, but you have to be kind with yourself first.

So you won´t start doing things for everyone, which is great, but if you aren't aware of your own limits, you´ll end up feeling used or that people is taking advantage from you, because you´re doing something you´re not happy with.

I advise you to start asking yourself “Is this right?”, everytime you´re in a situation that compromise you to do something.

2. Think only in the preset things:

Meditation is one of the techniques that help you focus on the present moment and sometimes it's difficult to found the moment to connect with your thoughts.

These tip is all about this moment, where you at now, what you have to do now, try to stay away of the future, don't wander about what's going to be the result or what you have to do later.

Be the present, and go with the flow, you'll achieve more mind peace, by the time you stop worrying about the past, because it's the past and you won't be there anymore, and future is away, you can´t predicted.

What you can do, it´s build your present, work in what can be done now. Maximize your time now, avoiding the distractions of the ¨But¨ like, “I need to finish the report, but I don't have all the information” then found it now!

This is a well known technique that buddhist use to reach the emotional realization, by avoiding stress, fear, tiredness, all by focusing in what you need to do know.

3. Music connects with your emotions:

Believe or not, music it's a really important part of our mind and emotions, haven't you feel that your favorite music chills you up, it can even make you laugh or cries depending on the message.

Well, it's because it connects with your subconscient and adapt to what you have been through in life. For example, when you're happy you focus on the rhythm but when you're sad you focus on the lyrics and the message of the song.

When you feel that the context or what happening around you, are taking place of your mind, so bad that you´re not able to focus on your now or present. Turn up your sound system and enjoy 10 min of good music to relax and stop your mind to wander. You´ll avoid stress and the needing to think in the future or past.

Put these 3 tips in practice and let me know after one week of concentration in the present moment, if you´re still feeling stressed, lack of creativity or depressed. keep in mind this is a process, and we´re just beginning!

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