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Mental Balance

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Our mental balance is crucial for wellbeing, emotional and physically. We can’t avoid this topic since this is one of the most important parts of wellness, sometimes we underestimate the psychological area, we are productive, we workout, keep an eye on our diet, but it’s not enough.

Have you wonder why after all you’ve done to improve your wellbeing you are still tired all the time, or lack of creativity? Most likely you’ll need metal balance advice.

Mental balance is a state of mind where all the experiences and moments of the day contribute to feeling in control of your development. Being aware that negative moments or thoughts will be there, but it won’t affect you.

Normally, we work with 4 perspectives of Mental Balance:

1 Attentional – It is about staying focus on a goal or task, avoiding dispersion, trying to pay attention to what is actually important, in a subtle way.

2. Conative - It is referred to goals and willingness, it’s a commitment to change the reality that is affecting your improvement (Example: Quit smoking)

3. Cognitive – It is about to avoid the assumptions, stereotypes and focus on learning from every experience, understand the differences between reality and fantasy.

4. Emotional – It refers to a fully Developement of the last 3 perspectives. It’s between desires, thoughts, and actions. Control your expectations and focus on what really matters.

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