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Sleep and Body Restoration

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

According to Harvard Health Publishing, 1 of 5 USA citizens sleeps less than 6 hours in the day, causing serious issues to their health, no sleep can be directly attached to chronic disease.

If you have problems to get good sleep, you can follow these tips to double-check causes to attack the problem and avoid insomnia.

1. Go to your doctor, to check if there’s an underline cause, some medication or condition can cause you loose sleep, nevertheless, with an adjustment in prescription, you can get better sleep.

2. Good sleep hygiene, void light, and noise, also you can try to go to bed and wake at the same time, even if it’s a Holiday.

3. Exercise earlier not later, if you have sleep problems, I recommend you to do your exercise routine in the first hours of the morning or afternoon, this will activate your brain and you’ll be tired by the time to go to bed.

4. Keep an eye on your diet, don’t eat or drink caffeine, chocolate, tea, soda, etc., at least 6 hours before bed, because it causes heartburn and you will awaken all night.

5. Look for an expert, if you see that these tips don’t work, you must go to a specialist, to help you define the cause of your problem.

Keep in mind that good sleep habits are crucial to avoid cardiovascular disease, help you deal with pain and of course deal with stress.

We can check if you can access a sleep specialist through your health plan, call us at 832.644.6485 for professional guidance or write us at

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